🗻Platform/Protocol (Integrator)

Why should I integrate with Trustblock?

Audits hold data that is critical to everyone to web3. Searching for the audit of a project is tedious and challenging, and dodging scams and impersonators is tedious and difficult. We believe bridging audits and their critical data would drastically enhance people's experience on web3, saving them from poorly secured contracts and scams. Moreover, it helps keep your users focused on what they expect to achieve when visiting your app and increases retention.

Here's how we can help you:


We provide labels that can be used within your user interface to maximize user-friendliness.

Whatever your app's type, labels are an essential feature that makes your user journey more accessible and secure.

Whether you're a wallet, DEX, or market analysis tool, providing your users with the information they require is valuable in an ecosystem where due diligence is a process that only a few master.


With Trustblock, you can access a protocol's security data by fetching them from your contracts or off-chain system and by sending the address of the smart contract you want to obtain information on.

Here are some examples of applications:

  • A secured DEX that only swaps tokens that have no critical issue ✅

  • A wallet that blocks transactions on non-audited contracts ✅

  • Secured LP that automatically converts their funds for a token that has an exploit ✅

  • Insurance protocol that checks on the fly if the contract requested for coverage by a user fulfills the protocol's internal security standards.

How can I join Trustblock as an integrator?

The Trustblock team verifies all platforms.

Since we are relaying data to the whole ecosystem, ensuring that data isn't used maliciously is a priority. We will continue to approve platforms this way until we find a more decentralized approach that maintains high-security standards.

If you want to join, please complete the form here: https://beta.trustblock.run/platform/onboard.

As we are currently switching from Alpha to Beta, the platforms' features aren't ready yet, you can still register so that we can start verifying your request to join, and we will let you know once it's ready.

As a platform, you can use our labels and API. Please check the links below for more information.

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