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What's in it for me?

As of today, audits can be pretty hard to find.

You can ask the community for the audit, but:

  • You have to wait for a reply.

  • The shared audit might be a fake PDF or a phishing website.

  • You don't know if the reviewed code inside the audit is the same as the one deployed (the one you are going to send transactions to)

With Trustblock, you can verify audits on our platform:

  • Audits are attached to smart contracts.

  • Audits are attached to the auditors' wallets

  • All audits have unique IDs, and auditors have unique addresses.

  • You can search for an audit by name.

Audits published on our system are then used by other platforms. So when a project has an audit published on Trustblock, its visibility increases and is relayed by the rest of web3 as secured/verified.

Can I help with the project?

Yes, and it is pretty straightforward. You can ask the project team to provide an audit published on Trustblock for their smart contracts. This will ensure that the smart contracts you use have been reviewed and secured by verified auditors while avoiding fake pdf reports and fake auditor websites.

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