Welcome to Trustblock documentation! Here you will find information regarding our platform and our on-chain database of auditors/audits.

About Trustblock

What is it?

Trustblock provides empower auditors with a solution to share their audits transparently & deliver essential security data to the decentralized world.

By doing so, audits' authenticity, author, and covered smart contracts are verifiable by everyone, thus saving users from scams and impersonators.

Thanks to having audits linked to the covered smart contracts, we calculate neutral, verifiable, and helpful business metrics on auditors' profiles.

Trustblock relays critical information contained in audits to the whole web3 ecosystem, allowing projects to unlock:

  • Cutting-edge security and composability by using Trustblock's data inside their smart contracts.

  • User retention and trust by displaying Trustblock's labels on their user interfaces.

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