Beta v0.3.2

Trustblock Beta v0.3.2 is out now!

This version introduces new customization options on the label, performance improvements, bug fixes, and wording changes.

🚀 General Big News

We're finally out of stealth mode and onboarded five new auditors since then! We are also preparing everything to start onboarding platforms!

🌟 Main Features

Dynamic widgets

We're proud to offer dynamic widgets from now on. This means the metrics and labels widget will listen to the values of colors, addresses, and sizes and refresh automatically if these are updated. For example, if you have a light and dark mode on your website, you can pass new values when switching themes, and the widget will automatically refresh with the latest passed values.

Label widget

Since every platform has its own branding, colors, and overall look, we figured that adding customization options for the labels widget is a must-have! Read more. Thanks to Mobula for sharing this request with us.

🔤 Wording/Design changes

  • Changed the wording of the number of audits published tag from 'X audits published' to 'X audits published on Trustblock', on both and widgets. As highlighted by Hashex, the reason is that some of the auditors' audits are private, and others are just not published. This new wording implies that more audits could have been published.

  • Changed the issues reported icon to a check circle.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Issues metrics were not correctly calculated

  • Web-based audits were not correctly working

  • TVS metrics were not always accurately calculated on null values

  • New projects created on publish audit could lead to some unexpected state

  • Issues fixed were not accurately calculated

We hope you enjoy using Trustblock v1.2.2 We look forward to your feedback as we continue improving the platform. Happy auditing!

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