Beta 0.1.0

Trustblock Beta v0.1 is out now!

We're excited to announce the first release of Trustblock, introducing our project's core features and functionality. Here's a summary of the main features included in this release:


Basic Profile Management: Auditors can now edit their profile picture, name, and description. In addition, they can add their firm's headcount and creation date. Audit Publication: Auditors can publish audits on Testnets. Metrics: Each auditor profile includes metrics calculated by gathering stats and data from their audits. Auditor Search: Users can search for auditors using a simple set of filters, such as TVL (total value secured), area of expertise, chains, or just by name. Audit Search: Users can easily retrieve an audit by typing the report's or project's name in the audit search.


We've added comprehensive documentation for all features and functionalities at We encourage you to explore this release's new features and improvements and welcome your feedback and contributions.

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