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Searching for an auditor

Why should I use Trustblock to find my auditor?

As of now, auditors are selected on a word-of-mouth/reputation basis. We think it is suboptimal as audits are technical products, so projects should select auditors according to technical criteria.
Thanks to on-chain data, we calculate objective/relevant/verifiable metrics for auditors based on their previous audits.
Metrics allow you to pick an auditor according to your needs and expectations instead of randomly messaging auditors you've heard of.
Moreover, we provide a unique and straightforward search system to find the auditor that best fits your needs.

Should I ask my auditor to publish my project's audit on Trustblock?

Having your audits on Trustblock increases trust between your team and your community. We upload audits on IPFS, so they cannot be falsified and are unique and verifiable by anyone in a more open/transparent way. Your users no longer have to worry about your audit's origin. They can check everything related to your audit, including the auditor.
Moreover, Trustblock is a relay for several platforms to know if a contract is audited. Dexes, Presales, Charts, and Analytics use Trustblock's system to fetch a contract's audit. This means that having it on our system increases your visibility and allows your project to be trustable by people that didn't hear about you yet.

My audit is on Trustblock. What now?

Our network of platforms will display your audit labels every time their users deal with one of your contracts on another platform. You can now add your audit label to your website using our widget.