Beta 1.1.2

Fixed bugs, improved the experience, dev environment, performances & SEO.

🖥️ Product updates

  • Updated the publishing UI:

    • A dropzone was added to facilitate the report import.

    • Every time a new contract is added, it will automatically fill the inputs with the last added contract's information.

  • Improved the design of the integrator page.

  • Updated the onboarding prospect chain labels.

  • Improved the meta tags on each page.

  • Improved the error messages on the interface.

  • Updated our validator to handle Twitter's new domain

  • Switched from x-trustblock-api-key to Authorization header.

🕷️ Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug where some users were not able to onboard.

  • Fixed a bug causing metrics not to be calculated.

  • Fixed the "Request an audit" button.

  • Fixed responsive issues on mobile.

  • Fixed contracts' table overflow on the audit page.

  • Fixed query parameters on the homepage.

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