Beta 1.0.0

For this one we've gone above and beyond.

🚀 General Big News

We have successfully completed our most ambitious technical migration to date and have fully transitioned to AWS. This change will enhance performance and introduce unique new features.

🏠 New homepage

While we will miss our old homepage, it never truly met our expectations as it lacked a welcoming feel. Our goal was to create a more engaging entry point that encourages users to explore our extensive security hub, recognizing the critical role of first impressions in this process. Therefore, we redesigned the homepage to be both lighter and more inviting, while preserving nearly the same level of information.

📑 Contractless reports

We strongly support audits that are directly linked to contracts. However, it's not feasible to exclude all previously conducted audits that do not meet this criterion. Our aim is to familiarize the web3 security community with this approach. To achieve this, we will also accommodate audits that are not tied to specific contracts. We will ensure that the coverage status of projects, whether they have associated contracts or not, is always transparently communicated.

📈 Better metrics

Metrics are highly valued in our ecosystem, and we've dedicated significant effort to enhance their representativeness and insightfulness. In this vein, we've redefined our Total Value Secured (TVS) calculation method, aligning it more closely with the actual value secured by auditors.

Additionally, we've introduced three distinct measures for each numerical value: minimum, average, and maximum, to provide a comprehensive view.

We've also redesigned the auditor page to be more visually intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier to understand at a glance.

𝍌 Project page

In our pursuit to provide a more user-centric experience, we've recently shifted our focus towards a project-oriented approach. This means users will now find it easier to navigate directly to project pages rather than audit pages, enhancing their overall experience. Nevertheless, we've ensured that audit pages are still readily accessible from within the project pages to maintain our commitment to transparency.

🧠 Our API is out

🧠pageSecurity data API

🥇 New Labels

As highlighted in the recent update, the focus has shifted from audits to projects. In line with this new direction, the design of our labels has been refreshed to better integrate into platforms and projects while ensuring the delivery of valuable information to all viewers.

🏷️ New tags

We've added more project tags to give detailed insights about an auditor's focused work areas.

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