Beta 1.2.0 (current)

A really big update!

🖥️ Product updates

  • New domain

    • We're still in Beta but want to build a future-proof SEO.

  • You can now head to your profile and update your login email.

  • Revamped publishing experience

    • We've added an AI assistant that will extract some data from your report and prompt you with its suggestions, making the publishing process much faster.

    • We've also greatly improved the overall design and strive to make this process as easy as possible.

    • Added details and info bubbles to help better understand some specific parts or fields.

    • We don't accept links with subpaths on the project's website URL when publishing an audit any more

      • To make our future autonomous audit verification effective we need direct URL such as The problem is that in some cases, we were getting some URLs that were redirected to a presale, which is far from ideal, both for verification purposes and domain extraction.

    • Project's emails are not unique throughout our entire database anymore

      • This change is necessary because some auditors might not have access to a project's email address; as such, we recommend that they add theirs.

    • We now accept Github links with subpaths

      • Some projects might be shared in a big repository or else.

  • The request audit button on auditors' profile pages now redirects to a Google Form for the Trustblock team to collect insights about the lead's needs.

  • When onboarding is successful, a modal pops up, similar to when an audit publication is successful.

🕷️ Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the contract selector on publish audit would have a weird offset in some specific settings.

  • Fixed a bug causing newly added contracts to not be prioritized in our metrics calculation system.

  • Fixed some bugs on the login where the "Not Authorized" banner would appear too soon.

  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the wrong row number on profiles' tables

  • Fixed a bug where the error message coming back from API wouldn't be displayed

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