Audit Provider (AP)

Why should I upload my audits on Trustblock?

The current state of web3 security is critical, with billions of dollars being drained from DeFi protocols through hacks and scams.

While audits are the most secure, community-regarded, and expected step for every protocol, finding the right auditor and ensuring the report's authenticity can be challenging.

Trustblock offers a solution that enhances web3 security by allowing auditors to publish their audits transparently, making them verifiable, immutable, and linked to smart contracts.

And it's completely free to use.

Seamless publishing flow

We secure your reports and provide cutting-edge UI and CLI to publish your audits.


On top of that, we calculate verifiable and insightful metrics based on your audits' history.

These metrics can help you keep track of your business and enhance your reputation and prove your worth to your clients in a partial way while ensuring their communities you have the required experience and skills to succeed.

We build our product by keeping our auditors' partners' interest at best, and our top priority is to provide you with valuable tools relevant to your business and clients.

Critical state monitoring

We are closer than ever to releasing a system allowing you to add unsafe contract state updates tracking upon audit publication. All you'll have to do is set up the transactions on which contracts and conditions our monitoring should be triggered and what should happen when our system is being triggered:

  • Invalidate the audit automatically

  • Raise a critical issue

  • Send you an alert by email

This makes audits brighter than ever as they become reactive to smart contract changes. For example, your audit could automatically invalidate itself if a contract upgrade happens.

How is it benefiting everyone in web3?

Uploading your audits also helps the whole web3 ecosystem by making your reports usable objects instead of isolated pdf files:

  • We provide labels that can be used on DEXes, AMMs, ICOs/Presales, and even wallets to give clear visual indicators of the health status of smart contracts that users interact with

  • We can provide critical data to protocol directly within their smart contracts. Thus granting protocols with secured and dynamic connections between their smart contracts and others.

How can I join Trustblock as an auditor?

The Trustblock team verifies all auditors.

Since we are relaying data to the whole ecosystem, ensuring that data isn't fraudulent is a priority. We will continue to approve auditors this way until we find a more decentralized approach that maintains high-security standards.

If you want to join, please complete the form here:

If you're searching for technical documentation on how to use Trustblock, please head to the section below.

pagePublish an audit

As an auditor, you can also use labels, API and display your Trustblock's metrics widget on your website. Check the links below for more information.

📊pageMetrics widget🏷️pageLabels widget🧠pageSecurity data API

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