Beta v0.3.1

Trustblock Beta v0.3.1 is out now!

This version introduces new customization options on the auditor wrapper, some other minor improvements, and bug fixes.

🚀 General Big News

We have migrated previous audits from Safetin, Pessimistic & Hashex to Trustblock. As a result, some of them have already started integrating the auditor wrapper. You can check Safetin's website, scroll down a bit, and see by yourself! We are promptly moving to the next ones, including QuillAudits & SolidProof. We plan to roll out public announcements by the end of next week to finally leave the stealth mode we've been on for so long!

🌟 Main Features

Auditor wrapper customization

Since every firm has its own branding, colors, and overall look, we decided that adding customization options for the auditor wrapper will better serve auditors! Read more. Thanks to Safetin, who initially shared this idea with us.

🎉 Other Features

  • Issues names and descriptions are not required anymore upon publication. After thorough internal discussions, we've decided to remove them, as they were not adding any value since this data is already in reports. Moreover, it makes publishing even more straightforward. Accordingly, we updated our documentation on the CLI, which you can read more about here.

  • Search projects by domain on the publishing form

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Issues metrics were not correctly calculated

We hope you enjoy using Trustblock v1.2.1 We look forward to your feedback as we continue improving the platform. Happy auditing!

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