Beta 1.1.1

Fixed bugs and improved the overall experience.

🖥️ Product updates

  • Updated the auditor onboarding process; pseudo-identifiers are no longer accepted.

🕷️ Bugs fixed

  • Corrected a visual issue causing unnecessary right margin on the auditor profile page's top metrics.

  • Resolved a bug where additional categories were not displayed with fully rounded corners.

  • Fixed a pagination problem that resulted in an excessive number of pages being sent.

  • Addressed a malfunction in the "Publish another audit" button (reported by CFG Ninja).

  • Enhanced the clarity of error messages on the Publish Audit form.

  • Eliminated a bug causing the app to crash post-login.

  • Fixed a failure in the publication system related to IPFS report uploads (reported by CFG Ninja).

Special Thanks:

A huge shoutout to CFG Ninja for their critical reports and invaluable feedback. Thanks to contributions from CFG Ninja and all our users, we continue to improve Trustblock!

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