Beta 0.2.0

Trustblock Beta v0.2.0 (production-ready) is out now!

This version introduces several new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

🚀 General Big News

We are now production-ready, and publishing on-chain is, for now, disabled by default. However, if you turn on the corresponding option, you can publish your audits on testnet chains. Since we want to provide our fantastic toolset to our users as soon as possible and grow organically, it makes more sense to focus back on our contracts later on when we get closer to mainnet. Once we release on mainnet, you won't have to re-create all your published audits from the ground up, as we are already preparing a migration tool. Moreover, making this optional lets us iterate and focus on the overall user experience for our auditors while still showcasing to you how Trustblock will behave once released on the mainnet. It also allows us to make more thoughtful architectural decisions that reflect our end product. As such, we recommend you start uploading all your audits as soon as possible to start fully experiencing Trustblock benefits!

🌟 Breakthrough Features

CLI Tool

Introducing the Trustblock CLI, which allows you to upload audits without using the UI. Easily integrate the CLI tool into your existing workflow. Read more about using our CLI here.


Add labels to any UI effortlessly by including a script on your website and a formatted div. Read more about integrating labels here:

API Access

Access the Trustblock API with a unique API key available on your auditor profile. Ideal for more complex operations using Trustblock's data. Check out our API documentation here:

🎉 Other Features

  • Auditors can now edit the links on their profiles

⚡️ Performance Improvements

  • Improved platform loading times by a factor of 6

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash issue when navigating to your profile from another auditor's profile

We hope you enjoy using Trustblock v1.1.0, and we look forward to your feedback as we continue improving the platform. Happy auditing!

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